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Ranking is based on the announced results from manually confirmed video footage with name of promotion, date, names, result and venue clearly stated in the description/video.  

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RankBoxerWinsStoppage WinsStoppage Win %LostStoppage LossesDrawn
1Craig Leadbeater10770000
2Stephen Wilkins1515402
3Phil Williams1316311
4Brian Doyle10433200
5Ben Waller7571000
6John McDonough8550200
7Joe Howard7325203
8Ben Heap6556211
9Ross Maraffi6571110
10Alec Chappell King6457100
11Harry Dudley6233000
12Ryan Towler Wilson8110210
13Jamie Lintott5360000
14Luke Robinson10318710
15Chris Rees5360000
16Pablo Mantinan7533632
17Gav Towler Wilson700212
18Kane Mallinson6113111
19Jason Brizell5350100
20Ross Alexander4375000
21Carl Brewer4375000
22Albert Benton Jr7220310
23Adam Roberts4350101
24Adam Giles3375001
25Jack Slater5233100
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